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Our motto: "Trendy yet traditional, rich yet reasonable"

India, the land with its rich culture and diversity brings to the world certain mysticism about itself. This diversity is manifested with each region having its own language, food, and unique style of dressing. Each region leaves its imprint when it comes to attire. The myriad of fabric, pattern, and embroidery enhances the person’s individuality. And while there are differences, there exist similarities as well. This is more noticeable in the vibrant colors that each region has.

We at Kalakaari bring to you all this under one roof. Kalakaari   is a Hindi word which means ‘the work of art’. What we are offering you is high quality work with fabric to match it. And all this at an affordable price.

Our artisans work to design the latest in fashion keeping you dressed in style. We have workers in-house. We have people who scout all around India to know the latest in fashion, the fabric popular in each region and the artistry of that region. Be it the colour and its different hues, be it the mirror work or the thread work, each kurti comes to you in a unique pattern.

Through Kalakaari we want to offer you more. We have tailors in-house who would be able to make a perfect fitting dress for you wit no extra cost. And as our motto say, our designs are going to be not only trendy but traditional. It is going to be a fusion of traditional Indian work on western pattern of cuts. So whether you call it a kurti or a tunic or simply a top, it is there for you. And through this we want to serve a larger customer group.

Want to dress up with all things matching or just want to have that ethnic look – worry not. Everything is there under one roof to make shopping a pleasurable experience.

Kalakaari also offers to design your home. Our upholstery follows the same theme as our tunics. We believe in bringing the best and the latest to you. Here too you will find that you have wide range to choose from to match the color of your room, to match the décor of your room: be it traditional or contemporary or a mixture of both.

Give us the opportunity to serve you and trust us, you would not be disappointed.

Through Kalakaari we want to offer you more.